BorderThe Suede Cords, my brand signatureBorder

You probably noticed it : my creations are colorful.  

And it is thanks to suede cords. 

It became my artistic signature. 

Why being colorful? Firstly because I create jewels that I can wear, and it is clear that my wardrobe is mainly made of dark clothes. So I like to twist my basics with a touch of vitamin colors.  I was looking for something singular, offering more opportunities than beads. It is during one of my creative perambulation that I entered one of the most stylish haberdashery of Paris. The very high quality standards of their products is as nice as the way they are presented. This place is a mid-way between an art gallery and Ali-baba’s cavern for any creative person. And this is where I first met the suede. I instantly had a good feeling with this material, and I understood that the two of us would do quite a long journey together. We are a good team. It is my muse. It is solid but flexible. Most of the time velvety, sometimes rebel, but always inspiring!