Back to school !

As far as I can remember, I have always loved back to school period … An air of a new beginning, a blank page to fill in, applying at the beginning, with a few erasures afterwards, as things are going on, and the pace picks up. I see a lot of metaphors in it […]

Which raw material?

If there is a topic I worked on a lot when I started my project, it is the one of raw material sourcing. Firstly because purchasing is my initial skills area, also because my skin is sensitive, and I have already been exposed to unpleasant experiences while wearing some supposedly nickel-free stuff. Finally because […]

The Suede Cords, my brand signature

You probably noticed it : my creations are colorful.   And it is thanks to suede cords.  It became my artistic signature.  Why being colorful? Firstly because I create jewels that I can wear, and it is clear that my wardrobe is mainly made of dark clothes. So I like to twist my basics […]

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